Monday, June 28, 2010

The current playlist...

Y'all know about my married stalker, but its been a while since I've updated the players, so I thought maybe an introduction is in order :-)

22 year old---yes... 22! hahaha... I'm WAY older than that. He was totally into me, kept telling me how awesome I am. I chatted with him for the weekend, but I just can't get over the age difference. I think I broke his heart this afternoon when I told im :-( Makes me sad, but omg... 22???

24.. TallGuy... he might have been in the last list.. he's still hanging around. 24 seems awfully young to me too, but at least this guy has his own place and stuff. Funny though... I was chatting with him right after I finished chatting with 22yo and 24 was jealous! hahaha I had JUST learned this guys real name, but he wanted to tell me he didn't want me seeing the 22 year old? LMAO yeah... yeah... I'm a sucker...I kinda found it flattering! LMAO TallGuy might get a date this weekend, if I don't chicken out! hahaha

SouthernBoy... another 24 year old... vegan... artist/poet.. cutie... but... ummm... not going anywhere! He's a hippie dude, but I can't remember where it was he lives... Louisiana maybe? Not nearby.

Speaking of far away... I just met ArmyMan, online of course, he's in Afganastan! He's a Texan though, and Texas holds my heart :-) He's apparently so sure that I'm the "one" that he deleted his online profile when I agreed to talk to him! I don't know when we're going to actually chat, it was 8pm here 5am there, but he seems nice and I'm interested to see where that leads. He won't be home until November though, so I'm not giving up the other players just yet! hahaha

WealthyUglyLocal... this guy seems to pop up with the same dang ugly ass picture on every singles' site I visit and I'm sorry money isn't more of a motivater for me, cuz he seems to really like me more and more at each site! He's not emailing or stalking or anything though, and our paths aren't likely to cross in real life (i hope) so it should be okay.

FarmGuy... he's new. Just starting chatting tonight. He's fairly local, his kids are grown.... might be too much of a homebody for me, but seems pretty nice. Its pretty funny how I go from either way too young to maybe too old... but I'm willing to see where that leads.

and, of course, my favorite, Drummer Boy still seems to be a maybe. I can't figure him out. He emails me...sometimes... not often, and he rarely replies, except when I seem to be particularly insane. I was sure I drove him to the hills when I had my crazy insane stalker evening, but he was cool about it. He scares me, cuz he can break MY heart. I've tried not to be over-the-top or anything, but I'm really not a "play it cool" kind of girl!hahaha

Seems to me there's been others in and out, but I can't think of any of them. I ditched the DJ when he called me on the phone and couldn't barely speak in complete sentences... I wasn't mean or anything, but by the time I got home from work, he had deleted his whole profile from the website! I think I blew off nakie picture guy too... I said something about not knowing when I was ever going to be able to get that far away and I haven't heard from him since. NavyGuy must've went back to his wife, cuz I haven't heard from him in a while either. hmmmmm.... its a revolving door, that's for sure! hahahaha

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