Friday, June 4, 2010

look out... here i come!

MAN... I don't know what these poor single guys did with themselves while I was internet-less for 2 weeks, but I am one POPULAR girl! hahaha Its great for the ego, but a little daunting for a first timer! On one hand, the fun flirty single girl is totally loving the attention, but then the steady sensible "mom" side says... hold up... where do you think THAT will get you? hahahahaha

I've never in my life been so aggravated at myself for letting my children stay home from their dad's but who knows what kind of trouble I'd be landing myself in if they weren't here to keep me sane??

So lets introduce the players shall we?

Ex Navy Guy is TOTALLY aggressive and all about the hook up. I'd expect to be more frightened than I am, but something about that forcefullness is kind of exciting. Based on picture alone, I'd never have given a second glance, but there's something to be said for a guy that's totally in to YOU (based solely on a picture) and this guy way is! hahaha He's a "darker skinned man" (his words) not black... middle eastern descent, I'd guess.... not something I was looking for, but not something I've ever given much thought to one way or another.

Hair Guy (I remember him cuz when he emailed me he said he likes my hair... not my smile, which I get all the time, but my hair! haha) is totally sweet and we have a TON in common... like scary how much... but I'm not so physically attracted to him and I don't know if I could be. I'm leaving things open though because he's great to talk to. My biggest problem with him though is I see him totally latching on and I wasn't planning on ONE guy with this whole dating adventure. He has emailed me first thing in the morning and last thing at night and immediately after work for the last couple of days and he has IM'd more than once a day and he goes on and on about how he couldn't wait to talk to me. Flattering... definately... but also just a little too smothery for me. Plus, he's younger than me, never been married, has no kids.... I don't want him hitching his wagon to me when I CANT have more kids... that sounds crazy, I'm sure, but that's where my mind is going with that one.

Tattoo Guy... OMG... I'm gonna cry over that one if he doesn't want to get to know each other better! He's been emailing me, but I've known that to just STOP all of a sudden, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up. His profile pic was pretty covered up, so I don't know just how extensive the tattoos are, but he's an artist, an awesome artist, and his taste in music is just as crazy as mine.... his taste in music.. his taste in movies... all I could say when I finished reading his profile was WOW!

Nice Guy is Mexican and doesn't live too far away. I'm not so sure about him... he's okay, but I dont think we have much in common really and he initiates a chat, but I have to drag conversation out of him He IS nice, but that's about it. I don't say he's Mexican like I have a problem with it.... I'm sure there are nice mexican men... but my good friend had a BAD BAD one, so I'm a little leery. Again... its not something I ever really saw myself with.

Shrek... yes.. his screen name is Shrek. He won't email, wants to text. I'm all for texting, anyone who knows me knows this... but I've put him off a couple of times because he just wants me to text him. He's been persistant though, which I like (sucker that I am! hahaha) so I think I'll try and see what's up with that one. He's a counselor of some sort, which definately interests me... we'll see on that one.

TallGuy... I don't know about him! He's a young'un...25 I think! but he's also been very persistant and he's local, so I'm keeping that door open too. He doesn't want to email either... he wants my yahoo chat address... I'm not going straight there... especially not with a local guy who could be a stalker! hahahaha

And what kind of small town single girl would I be if I didn't tell you about the locals?!? HAHAHAHA
1) I almost agreed to a date, just cuz he was local and I'm slightly desperate (shhhhhhh) Fortunately, something clued me in cuz I found out he dated a few girls I work with and lets just say.. ummmmm... NO.. definately not!

2)I got married young... I didn't date a whole lot before I hooked up with my husband... but there was ONE SERIOUS DRAMA in high school and guess who's on the same single's website??? Talk about embarrassing! He's gonna know I peeked at his profile cuz you can't keep those things secret, but its not like he emailed me or I emailed him or anything. But this guy WRECKED HIS CAR cuz he was so pissed at me for breaking a date (which I did VERY badly... totally my fault)

3) Some Karaoke guy has been emailing me....local... I don't think that's gonna pan out... but the pond is MUCH too small in this small town! I definately need to find some bigger fish! hahaha


  1. DO steer clear of the latchy guy.

    DO take the 25 year old for a spin. Seriously ... just to say you did (at the very least)

  2. yeah.... i'm trying to chat up the tattoo guy.. he's definately got my vote :-)