Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Stalker

I found a new free dating site and thought I'd check it out ( if anyone's looking! hahaha)I've been to several sites and don't think all of them are worth the time it takes to write a halfway decent profile, so I just threw a pic up and started an account to see what this group was like. Almost immediately I get an email. This has got to be SOLELY on picture alone cuz I haven't even typed anything yet!

This guy says he's on HWY... OMG... that's right by my house! I ignore him.... email again... boom boom boom... he gets closer and closer.. and finally says he's at HWY... That's my STREET!!!! So I'm peeking over my shoulder looking for the hidden camera as I type and I get more email... this guy is nothing if not persistant. I email him back that he's kinda freaking me out a little! His profile isn't even local!

He emails me back that he just happens to be at the scout ranch that's a town south of me and on an ice run up to the gas station not very far from my house. Wants me to come out and meet up with him and see if the attraction is mutual. Ummm... I'm in my jammies and the kids are home! hahaha I refuse.. he persists... we end up making plans to meet the next evening after work... He gets my number.. texts... calls...

Next day... texts me all day while I'm working.. he's WAY into me.. from a picture... but I'm getting used to that part of the whole online thing. He seems okay... an engineer!

so... we meet at Dairy Queen. I get there first, I'm closer, I ask if he wants me to get him anything... yes.. I paid! (with my last $5! single mom sucks!) He comes in grinning like a little kid! He's okay... but a big.. BIG guy... not a hottie or anything... but not bad.

Sits down.. asks me about my "situation" I tell him a little bit about my separation/pending divorce (separation scares guys, apparently)... we get to talking about him....

He's MARRIED! yep... no intention of leaving his wife, just hoping I was "ready" enough to be okay with a purely sexual relationship! Ummm... no... that's a deal breaker... definately not interested in a married guy.

but... I think I've mentioned I'm not a great break-it-off-er.. so I still end up sitting there talking to him for an hour. He holds my hand the whole time (across the table). Tells me all about how I'm a dead ringer for his wife, who he loves, but she just doesn't like sex anymore and he does. No... she has not "okayed" the cheating.. its a secret.. but he likes sex and he's going to find it somewhere somehow. He actually told me exactly what size I wear AND my bra size just from "visual" inspection!

Okay... so his hour is up and its time for me to go home. I've not backed into "maybe" or anything.. its definately NOT going to happen! He holds the door for me to leave, hugs me, clingy... kiss... uhhh okay.. then he tries to REALLY kiss me... ummm... NOT okay... leaves wistfully... "you're sure" YES.. i'm sure!

Later, I get a text... you're sure? YES I'm sure.

Laying in bed.. another text... "how about if we just masturbate" UMMM... OOOOHHHH... OKAY... LETS DO THAT! seriously???

In the morning, I updated my profile more and added a few more pictures (site seems promising despite the first impression)... Stalker is right on top of it... text message... "love the new pics" "yes... I'm hoping they attract someone that doesn't already belong to someone ELSE!" Not nearly as many text messages as the day before, but yeah... he texts me all day.

When we were setting up the meeting in the first place, I had told him Wednesday was out... its family game night, weight watchers, swimming... busy night.... SO... I check my websites really quick and come here to write out my blog... guess how many text messages I've gotten! "I thought you were busy tonight" O-M-G!

The day was worse... I could detail my other messes I've been through.. TODAY! I think I'm being punished for being slightly jealous of my ex's illusion of happiness or something.... but ... seriously... isn't this stalker thing bad enough???

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