Monday, July 26, 2010

it keeps getting better...

Now I have ItalianGuy who... o-m-g.. he's hot! And he LOVES me! LOL He's sure that his future is waiting for him online somewhere and he's willing to take a chance that it might be me! Way more intense than I'm looking for, but who am I to fight Karma? He's in MN this weekend on business, but I'm hoping our one very interesting chat isn't our last! He's literally FROM Italy! Italian mother, British father.... now lives in IL.

and then I just chatted with JustFriends. I like him too! We laughed over the internet crazies I've been dealing with and he assures me he's not going to send naked pictures or masturbate while we chat! LOL He wants to get together for coffee and see how things work from there. He said he's not gonna lie.. he wants sex... but he'd prefer for it to be with someone he cares about, although he's nowhere near ready to commit and settle down. Sounds exactly like how I feel about the whole thing. And he's not very far away....always a plus!

Did I mention CarGuy? I like him too. Just email so far, but he restores cars for a living, which I think is awesome. And he's a pretty down to earth dad type guy. Hopefully we can get past the "kid" talk and on to something that leads somewhere :-)

I really need to start figuring out some sort of criteria or something! hahaha I'd like to say "if you send me pictures of your parts, you're out" but... there's a couple pictures of parts I've gotten that I want to meet! Does that make me bad??

Sunday, July 25, 2010

uh oh! I'm in trouble now!

Thursday my kids go to their dad's for the weekend.

I have BakerBoy that wants to come down to "visit" on Thursday night. He's in his 20's... he'd just be a toy, but is totally fine with that! hahaha

I have a date with CutieBartender on Friday night. Just movies on the couch, but serious potential there for "fun". He's ALSO in his 20's and I really like him. We have a lot in common, actually, and I'd like to be able to consider him more than a toy.

AND.. I have a date SATURDAY night with HistoryGuy, who has serious potential to turn into somethin real... but he doesn't live very close. We chatted for a good long time last night and I'm pretty sure he's a good guy. Smart, funny, age appropriate :-) hahaha

ALL THREE have the potential for sex. Thursday would actually be a guarantee, and Friday is just a "say the word" thing.... Saturday I won't go there just yet.

OMG... I'm totally fine with being a cyberslut, but I had no intention of turning into an ACTUAL slut!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Have you missed me?

Its been quite a while since my last post, huh? Well I've been a busy girl! Not a busy single girl, just a busy girly girl! hahha I've been on vacation with 12 of the very best women on the planet! We danced on the bar at Coyote Ugly, and floated the river in tubes, and just hung out and had a great time!

I've also turned another year closer to 40! Not as bad as I thought, though. Apparently, as long as you've got 20somethings trying to sleep with you, you never feel old! hahaha I celebrated my birthday by taking my two favorite people on the planet, Skaterboy and Sunshine (aka BabyGirl) to Six Flags! We had so much fun! Sunshine loves roller coasters almost as much as I do, and weenie Skaterboy held the bags and cups and stuff! hahahaha

But you don't read to hear about ME and my family, right? LOL You wanna hear about what's up with the guy front!

1)I received GuitarMan for my birthday from one of my girlfriends! Unfortunately, he lives in Michigan, but he's great! Super funny, smart, musical, with just a little bit of "dirty" in there to keep it interesting! hahahaha He's my new favorite text buddy though!

2) BUT, cutie little Bartender guy texted me this morning and we've got a date Friday night! :-) He's too young, but I'm soooo looking forward to hanging out with him! We haven't chatted much recently, but I found out this morning its because he's housesitting for some friends, no internet. I really like him though, I have since the very beginning.

3) Its another free preview weekend on and I can't believe the much better quality of guys on there! I've got this guy emailing me that might have some potential. I'm not positive he's for real though... he may be foreign, but OMG he's a hottie! :-) And he's in his 30's! LOL for all of you that don't approve of my cradle robbing! hahaha He's actually closer to 40 than I am! LMAO

I've also got a smokin' hot male model that's emailing! I really like him! I'm hoping that works out:-) And various others. The whole cast from the previous posts are all still around. I seem to be making a longer list rather than paring things down like I should be!

I have serious issues, obviously! LOL Vacation's over though, and the rest of my summer is wide open, so I'm hoping to start MEETING some of these people and working on narrowing down the list that way! :-)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

well... the weekend's over...

So how did I spend it? Well sitting here at my computer of course! LOL

I wish I had more new and exciting news to report, but really, what could top the lesbian on Friday night? Hahaha

Today I chatted up this older guy who's profile pic is ONLY a torso of smoking hot abs! Apparently he used to be an exotic dancer! :-) We chatted back and forth about nothing really.. just how hot he is and how hard it is to find a guy who lists naked jumping jacks as one of his talents! He gave me an open invitation for a lap danc whenever I want to drive up to St Louis. So... we chit chatted back and forth all day, and eventually I gave him my yahoo IM ID and he added me. Got to see his face finally... ummmm... too much tanning bed Man! Still yet... lap dancing... hmmmm....

And I chatted with a new black guy from IL. He wants to take me out. Thinks I'm smokin' hot... which I always love to hear! hahaha I dunno if that'll work out or not, but he seems nice enough and is fine with chatting until we decide I feel comfortable enough to give my phone number out (one good thing about having a stalker, it gives me a good excuse to take things slow while I try to figure stuff out! hahaha)

Oh yeah... there was also the karate instructor from down south that I chatted with. He was MUCH more interesting in his profile than in chat. Its hard for me to decide if these guys just aren't comfortable typing or if they're really that boring in a real converstation! hahaha this guy said he likes to text and gave me his cell number, but to text him I'd have to give him MY cell number and ... well... not really ready for that with this one either!

Of course there's still a few hours left before bed...maybe Mr Right will text/email/IM me still yet this evening! hahaha but I'm really just playing around until vacation in a couple of days anyway. Not about to set anything up between now and then.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My first lesbian experience!

HAHAHAHAHA bet that got some seriously shocked looks from my local followers who know me in person! LMAO

Seriously, though, I got hit on last night by a chick! She's from California, so I saw no problem in chatting with her (online! don't freak out local bodyguards!). I told her straight up I don't swing that way, but she sounded like she could use someone to talk to, and anyone that thinks I'm beautiful obviously has good taste hahahaha, so I talked to her for a good long while.

Started out with the whole "Does your husband know?" "How does your daughter feel about it?" chitchat She unloaded years of hidden frustrations... apparently she's not out of the closet at all yet.

Then she started talking self-love! hahahhaha 1) She started askng more personal questions about me... like the same ones I get from guys... and I had to remind her, again, that I'm not gay. 2)She was obviously very turned on by her own conversation! hahahaha

She even sent me dirty pictures! She said she wanted my opinion. I opened them... closed them REALQUICK cuz my kids are here in the living room with me while we're chatting! hahaha

So... I guess its cuz I can totally laugh about it that these insane people like me so much. I was totally cool with her and she shared some extremely disturbing fantasies!

But... my philosophy is that you learn something from everyone you meet, and I came away from that convo with some amazing ummm.... tips... on how to make it through the dry spells! hahahhahahahahaha

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Okay... isn't the stereotype that men run screaming from any form of commitment? Well that stereotype was apparently created by unpopular women! LOL

This is not a new problem for me... in high school too, I just wanted to date EVERYONE but, no... they all wanted to be my "boyfriend". I thought for sure it would be different as an adult, don't know why I thought that..everything else seems to mirror high school! hahaha

I had a guy who is in AFGANASTAN til September who deleted his profile from okcupid once I agreed to talk to me... and apparently, when he realized I wasn't up to making the same commitment, he's not IMing me anymore!

Kenya wants a serious relationship...I told him no, sorry. He's GREAT, but I'm not going from married to committed without trying on all the other shoes out there! He says he's okay with being friends til I come around.

The local country guy who's considerably older than me wants a serious relationship.... I told him no, not tying down, sorry. He's still IMing.. and I just found out he actually leaves me little "good mornings" that my father in law deletes when he uses my computer during the day! hahahhaa

I ditched the 22 year old cuz I had the feeling he was already planning our wedding before I ever even met him.

The list goes on and on! Its funny to me because the ones that I KNOW would be perfect (drummerboy who has stopped emailing me) are impossible to pin down, but these other guys are great guys... its not like they're a bunch of losers looking to tie down the first person who is nice to them.... but I'm not about to settle... and I havent even MET them and they're wanting some sort of exclusive rights?

I'm pretty clear in my profile that I'm just dating, not settling, but apparently they don't believe me! hahaha I KNOW it scares off some guys before they even contact me, which is fine, I suppose;-) hahaha

but Im a girl... I'm not supposed to DREAD the question "so what are you looking for in a relationship?"

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

omg.. this definately earns a second post in one day...

What are my current question marks? Age and ethnicity, right?

SO... who do I add to my chat list this afternoon? A 24 year old black guy from Kenya! hahaha He's incredibly interesting! He has been in the US for 3 years and spent much of that time raising money to help underprivleged kids left in Kenya.

Yes... I know... its sick isn't it? Do they have an Internet Personals Addiction Support Group? hahahahha

Uh oh... I think I might be turning into a cyberslut! hahahaha

Last night, I was not even online all that long, but I:

Texted back and forth to one guy...naked pictures guy... if he'd stick with the sweetness and lose all the frat boy sex talk, he might stand a chance.

Chatted with 4 different guys:
--older country guy... super nice, not sure we're looking for the same things, but I've been very honest and he keeps wanting to talk to me so, whatever!

--TrueGrit... not sure how to describe him except by his screen name. He's okay... we chat from time to time, I don't see any real action coming out of that one, but he's okay to talk to.

--DrMIT... he's new... last night was the first time I chatted with him. He has lofty academic goals, PhD type stuff... Dean of college type goals. I like him okay, I think, but he's black and I'm not. I still haven't really given too much thought to how I feel about that.

--CutieBartender :-) Definately my new favorite... but... guess how old he is? LOL I totally give up on grown up! This guy's 24! He's actually the bar manager, he says, but we have the same taste in movies and music and the same sense of humor, I think. Hard to tell from the little I talked to him, but he has potential... unfortunately, he doesn't live close by.

Emailed back and forth with 4 more....
--6ftKorean... he's LOCAL, actually went to school with my ex, but says he doesn't know him. He likes to cook, which I hate, so that sounds awesome! hahaha He's my age, divorced, 3 kids... Drawbacks are he's in college and living with his parents since the divorce, but I can totally respect rebuilding after a fall. Still waiting to see where that one goes. So far, he's super sweet and I like him.

--Tennessee... I dunno what made me even reply to this guy! hahaha He's another black guy, and he's out of state, and he types like a thug, but for some reason I couldn't just ignore him. We'll see if he ever makes it into another blog! hahaha

--SweetieCollege Guy... another 24 year old! Told ya... I give up! hahaha This one's a little nerdy, and kind of shy, but I like something about him... still trying to figure out what it is.

--KindaWierdDefinatelyJustFriends Guy... This guy put in his profile that he's looking for someone that doesn't mind small penis size or inexperience! hahahahaha... NO.. I did NOT contact him first! LMAO He emailed me and I emailed him back. I kinda feel a bit motherly toward him.. he seems so lost... I'm a sucker for strays! hahahaha

AND... I pissed off someone because I told him I might be seeing someone and didn't want to get started with talking to someone new.

At the time, it wasn't a complete lie. I have someone that I was considering starting a serious thing with, but I've changed my mind (like within hours! hahaaha)! I think he's a bit too much of a control freak for me. This was not an online thing, but that's all the details I'm going to give, too many local people follow my blog for me to give too much away! hahahahahaha I'm thinking he wants me to beg and, umm... hello?? do I seem that desperate?? hahaaha