Saturday, July 24, 2010

Have you missed me?

Its been quite a while since my last post, huh? Well I've been a busy girl! Not a busy single girl, just a busy girly girl! hahha I've been on vacation with 12 of the very best women on the planet! We danced on the bar at Coyote Ugly, and floated the river in tubes, and just hung out and had a great time!

I've also turned another year closer to 40! Not as bad as I thought, though. Apparently, as long as you've got 20somethings trying to sleep with you, you never feel old! hahaha I celebrated my birthday by taking my two favorite people on the planet, Skaterboy and Sunshine (aka BabyGirl) to Six Flags! We had so much fun! Sunshine loves roller coasters almost as much as I do, and weenie Skaterboy held the bags and cups and stuff! hahahaha

But you don't read to hear about ME and my family, right? LOL You wanna hear about what's up with the guy front!

1)I received GuitarMan for my birthday from one of my girlfriends! Unfortunately, he lives in Michigan, but he's great! Super funny, smart, musical, with just a little bit of "dirty" in there to keep it interesting! hahahaha He's my new favorite text buddy though!

2) BUT, cutie little Bartender guy texted me this morning and we've got a date Friday night! :-) He's too young, but I'm soooo looking forward to hanging out with him! We haven't chatted much recently, but I found out this morning its because he's housesitting for some friends, no internet. I really like him though, I have since the very beginning.

3) Its another free preview weekend on and I can't believe the much better quality of guys on there! I've got this guy emailing me that might have some potential. I'm not positive he's for real though... he may be foreign, but OMG he's a hottie! :-) And he's in his 30's! LOL for all of you that don't approve of my cradle robbing! hahaha He's actually closer to 40 than I am! LMAO

I've also got a smokin' hot male model that's emailing! I really like him! I'm hoping that works out:-) And various others. The whole cast from the previous posts are all still around. I seem to be making a longer list rather than paring things down like I should be!

I have serious issues, obviously! LOL Vacation's over though, and the rest of my summer is wide open, so I'm hoping to start MEETING some of these people and working on narrowing down the list that way! :-)

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  1. If you're interested in hearing more about the vacation, I have a link over to the side to Aunt Crazy's blog. She's a bit overdramatic (she did NOT almost DIE! hahaa) but her and CanadaStacy both have much more detailed posts about the vaca :-)