Thursday, July 8, 2010


Okay... isn't the stereotype that men run screaming from any form of commitment? Well that stereotype was apparently created by unpopular women! LOL

This is not a new problem for me... in high school too, I just wanted to date EVERYONE but, no... they all wanted to be my "boyfriend". I thought for sure it would be different as an adult, don't know why I thought that..everything else seems to mirror high school! hahaha

I had a guy who is in AFGANASTAN til September who deleted his profile from okcupid once I agreed to talk to me... and apparently, when he realized I wasn't up to making the same commitment, he's not IMing me anymore!

Kenya wants a serious relationship...I told him no, sorry. He's GREAT, but I'm not going from married to committed without trying on all the other shoes out there! He says he's okay with being friends til I come around.

The local country guy who's considerably older than me wants a serious relationship.... I told him no, not tying down, sorry. He's still IMing.. and I just found out he actually leaves me little "good mornings" that my father in law deletes when he uses my computer during the day! hahahhaa

I ditched the 22 year old cuz I had the feeling he was already planning our wedding before I ever even met him.

The list goes on and on! Its funny to me because the ones that I KNOW would be perfect (drummerboy who has stopped emailing me) are impossible to pin down, but these other guys are great guys... its not like they're a bunch of losers looking to tie down the first person who is nice to them.... but I'm not about to settle... and I havent even MET them and they're wanting some sort of exclusive rights?

I'm pretty clear in my profile that I'm just dating, not settling, but apparently they don't believe me! hahaha I KNOW it scares off some guys before they even contact me, which is fine, I suppose;-) hahaha

but Im a girl... I'm not supposed to DREAD the question "so what are you looking for in a relationship?"

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