Saturday, July 10, 2010

My first lesbian experience!

HAHAHAHAHA bet that got some seriously shocked looks from my local followers who know me in person! LMAO

Seriously, though, I got hit on last night by a chick! She's from California, so I saw no problem in chatting with her (online! don't freak out local bodyguards!). I told her straight up I don't swing that way, but she sounded like she could use someone to talk to, and anyone that thinks I'm beautiful obviously has good taste hahahaha, so I talked to her for a good long while.

Started out with the whole "Does your husband know?" "How does your daughter feel about it?" chitchat She unloaded years of hidden frustrations... apparently she's not out of the closet at all yet.

Then she started talking self-love! hahahhaha 1) She started askng more personal questions about me... like the same ones I get from guys... and I had to remind her, again, that I'm not gay. 2)She was obviously very turned on by her own conversation! hahahaha

She even sent me dirty pictures! She said she wanted my opinion. I opened them... closed them REALQUICK cuz my kids are here in the living room with me while we're chatting! hahaha

So... I guess its cuz I can totally laugh about it that these insane people like me so much. I was totally cool with her and she shared some extremely disturbing fantasies!

But... my philosophy is that you learn something from everyone you meet, and I came away from that convo with some amazing ummm.... tips... on how to make it through the dry spells! hahahhahahahahaha

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