Sunday, July 11, 2010

well... the weekend's over...

So how did I spend it? Well sitting here at my computer of course! LOL

I wish I had more new and exciting news to report, but really, what could top the lesbian on Friday night? Hahaha

Today I chatted up this older guy who's profile pic is ONLY a torso of smoking hot abs! Apparently he used to be an exotic dancer! :-) We chatted back and forth about nothing really.. just how hot he is and how hard it is to find a guy who lists naked jumping jacks as one of his talents! He gave me an open invitation for a lap danc whenever I want to drive up to St Louis. So... we chit chatted back and forth all day, and eventually I gave him my yahoo IM ID and he added me. Got to see his face finally... ummmm... too much tanning bed Man! Still yet... lap dancing... hmmmm....

And I chatted with a new black guy from IL. He wants to take me out. Thinks I'm smokin' hot... which I always love to hear! hahaha I dunno if that'll work out or not, but he seems nice enough and is fine with chatting until we decide I feel comfortable enough to give my phone number out (one good thing about having a stalker, it gives me a good excuse to take things slow while I try to figure stuff out! hahaha)

Oh yeah... there was also the karate instructor from down south that I chatted with. He was MUCH more interesting in his profile than in chat. Its hard for me to decide if these guys just aren't comfortable typing or if they're really that boring in a real converstation! hahaha this guy said he likes to text and gave me his cell number, but to text him I'd have to give him MY cell number and ... well... not really ready for that with this one either!

Of course there's still a few hours left before bed...maybe Mr Right will text/email/IM me still yet this evening! hahaha but I'm really just playing around until vacation in a couple of days anyway. Not about to set anything up between now and then.

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