Monday, June 28, 2010

The current playlist...

Y'all know about my married stalker, but its been a while since I've updated the players, so I thought maybe an introduction is in order :-)

22 year old---yes... 22! hahaha... I'm WAY older than that. He was totally into me, kept telling me how awesome I am. I chatted with him for the weekend, but I just can't get over the age difference. I think I broke his heart this afternoon when I told im :-( Makes me sad, but omg... 22???

24.. TallGuy... he might have been in the last list.. he's still hanging around. 24 seems awfully young to me too, but at least this guy has his own place and stuff. Funny though... I was chatting with him right after I finished chatting with 22yo and 24 was jealous! hahaha I had JUST learned this guys real name, but he wanted to tell me he didn't want me seeing the 22 year old? LMAO yeah... yeah... I'm a sucker...I kinda found it flattering! LMAO TallGuy might get a date this weekend, if I don't chicken out! hahaha

SouthernBoy... another 24 year old... vegan... artist/poet.. cutie... but... ummm... not going anywhere! He's a hippie dude, but I can't remember where it was he lives... Louisiana maybe? Not nearby.

Speaking of far away... I just met ArmyMan, online of course, he's in Afganastan! He's a Texan though, and Texas holds my heart :-) He's apparently so sure that I'm the "one" that he deleted his online profile when I agreed to talk to him! I don't know when we're going to actually chat, it was 8pm here 5am there, but he seems nice and I'm interested to see where that leads. He won't be home until November though, so I'm not giving up the other players just yet! hahaha

WealthyUglyLocal... this guy seems to pop up with the same dang ugly ass picture on every singles' site I visit and I'm sorry money isn't more of a motivater for me, cuz he seems to really like me more and more at each site! He's not emailing or stalking or anything though, and our paths aren't likely to cross in real life (i hope) so it should be okay.

FarmGuy... he's new. Just starting chatting tonight. He's fairly local, his kids are grown.... might be too much of a homebody for me, but seems pretty nice. Its pretty funny how I go from either way too young to maybe too old... but I'm willing to see where that leads.

and, of course, my favorite, Drummer Boy still seems to be a maybe. I can't figure him out. He emails me...sometimes... not often, and he rarely replies, except when I seem to be particularly insane. I was sure I drove him to the hills when I had my crazy insane stalker evening, but he was cool about it. He scares me, cuz he can break MY heart. I've tried not to be over-the-top or anything, but I'm really not a "play it cool" kind of girl!hahaha

Seems to me there's been others in and out, but I can't think of any of them. I ditched the DJ when he called me on the phone and couldn't barely speak in complete sentences... I wasn't mean or anything, but by the time I got home from work, he had deleted his whole profile from the website! I think I blew off nakie picture guy too... I said something about not knowing when I was ever going to be able to get that far away and I haven't heard from him since. NavyGuy must've went back to his wife, cuz I haven't heard from him in a while either. hmmmmm.... its a revolving door, that's for sure! hahahaha

Thursday, June 24, 2010

bring it on!

Seriously... I thought the stalker post would be the worst of the drama. Ummm... no! Let me tell you what happened AFTER I got off the computer last night....

10pm... I'm trying to get to bed.. I get up at 5am. Son's friend gets dropped off at the house to spend the night (house is always full of teenage boys). I get a text message from the guy that sent me naked pictures... "phone sex for 2" ummmm... no... bedtime. "but we're still on for live sex, right?" hmmmm.... last I heard it was dinner... whatever...

11pm-ish... my daughter runs in and wakes me up terrified because someone is knocking on the window in the basement. My first thought is stalker, but I quickly realize its friends of my son. I try to yell for my child, find out he's outside now... go to the door, get my kid and one of the spend the nighter's in... the one that just showed up at 10 has taken off with the other boys.

In the midst of dealing with that issue (locked friend out... yeah yeah, I'd have let him back in with an apology, but he wasn't getting to run town and use me as an excuse... I also tattled), my stalker starts texting me as he's getting closer and closer to where I live. He wants me to meet him at walmart so he can "make sure I sleep well' ummm... okay.. you're still married buddy and it still ain't happening... but it takes a while to get that through to him.

FINALLY...I've cleared the drama and I can maybe get 4 hours of sleep, and my sweet little 8 year old girl turns to me and says, I kid you not, "Mom, am I old enough yet to learn how babies get in your tummy?"

Individually, I could've laughed off any of those situations.... yeah.. the stalker is a little creepy, and the boys definately needed dealt with... but still... I can handle it.... Throw them ALL AT ME AT ONCE... and well... I think its time for me to start drinking!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Stalker

I found a new free dating site and thought I'd check it out ( if anyone's looking! hahaha)I've been to several sites and don't think all of them are worth the time it takes to write a halfway decent profile, so I just threw a pic up and started an account to see what this group was like. Almost immediately I get an email. This has got to be SOLELY on picture alone cuz I haven't even typed anything yet!

This guy says he's on HWY... OMG... that's right by my house! I ignore him.... email again... boom boom boom... he gets closer and closer.. and finally says he's at HWY... That's my STREET!!!! So I'm peeking over my shoulder looking for the hidden camera as I type and I get more email... this guy is nothing if not persistant. I email him back that he's kinda freaking me out a little! His profile isn't even local!

He emails me back that he just happens to be at the scout ranch that's a town south of me and on an ice run up to the gas station not very far from my house. Wants me to come out and meet up with him and see if the attraction is mutual. Ummm... I'm in my jammies and the kids are home! hahaha I refuse.. he persists... we end up making plans to meet the next evening after work... He gets my number.. texts... calls...

Next day... texts me all day while I'm working.. he's WAY into me.. from a picture... but I'm getting used to that part of the whole online thing. He seems okay... an engineer!

so... we meet at Dairy Queen. I get there first, I'm closer, I ask if he wants me to get him anything... yes.. I paid! (with my last $5! single mom sucks!) He comes in grinning like a little kid! He's okay... but a big.. BIG guy... not a hottie or anything... but not bad.

Sits down.. asks me about my "situation" I tell him a little bit about my separation/pending divorce (separation scares guys, apparently)... we get to talking about him....

He's MARRIED! yep... no intention of leaving his wife, just hoping I was "ready" enough to be okay with a purely sexual relationship! Ummm... no... that's a deal breaker... definately not interested in a married guy.

but... I think I've mentioned I'm not a great break-it-off-er.. so I still end up sitting there talking to him for an hour. He holds my hand the whole time (across the table). Tells me all about how I'm a dead ringer for his wife, who he loves, but she just doesn't like sex anymore and he does. No... she has not "okayed" the cheating.. its a secret.. but he likes sex and he's going to find it somewhere somehow. He actually told me exactly what size I wear AND my bra size just from "visual" inspection!

Okay... so his hour is up and its time for me to go home. I've not backed into "maybe" or anything.. its definately NOT going to happen! He holds the door for me to leave, hugs me, clingy... kiss... uhhh okay.. then he tries to REALLY kiss me... ummm... NOT okay... leaves wistfully... "you're sure" YES.. i'm sure!

Later, I get a text... you're sure? YES I'm sure.

Laying in bed.. another text... "how about if we just masturbate" UMMM... OOOOHHHH... OKAY... LETS DO THAT! seriously???

In the morning, I updated my profile more and added a few more pictures (site seems promising despite the first impression)... Stalker is right on top of it... text message... "love the new pics" "yes... I'm hoping they attract someone that doesn't already belong to someone ELSE!" Not nearly as many text messages as the day before, but yeah... he texts me all day.

When we were setting up the meeting in the first place, I had told him Wednesday was out... its family game night, weight watchers, swimming... busy night.... SO... I check my websites really quick and come here to write out my blog... guess how many text messages I've gotten! "I thought you were busy tonight" O-M-G!

The day was worse... I could detail my other messes I've been through.. TODAY! I think I'm being punished for being slightly jealous of my ex's illusion of happiness or something.... but ... seriously... isn't this stalker thing bad enough???

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I live this very rose colored life, generally, so when someone steps in and smashes my glasses, I tend to take it very hard!

I got an email this weekend from someone who was not at all nice. He listed off all the reasons I have NOTHING to offer a potential date. At first I was angry... am still angry... but more than anything, he might as well have taken a hammer to my self confidence!

I think it was the timing. I had thought for sure I'd have a date this weekend, but its Sunday night and besides the offer of "cuddling" on the couch with a movie with one of the 25 year olds that are trying to get me to sleep with them, there's been nothing concrete. I even got stood up! It was something I never should've agreed to in the first place, but did in a moment of desperation, but then he didn't ever text me back with the details!

I don't like feeling desperate... not at all... Makes me want to chuck the whole darn computer out the window!

I know I'll find someone eventually, and none of these things were a perfect match anyway, but I don't know when I'll have another free weekend even if I DO get an offer of SOMETHING and I'm not at all happy to find that I'm going to waste my summer just chatting with all my free time :-(

Thursday, June 17, 2010

No Closers???

Earlier this week I had a few offers of "wanna get together" Okay... here it is Thursday night and I STILL have no real plans for the weekend! C'mon!!! Seriously???

Sunday, June 13, 2010

woo hoo! we've got a new old player...

I had totally written off DrummerBoy... I was sure he wasn't interested for real, but he's one that I really AM interested in (c'mon... drummer in a band, motorcycle, but totally literate and not the icky bad boy type) He's back to emailing me regularly. Awesome :-) He's much more of a "take it slow" kind of person, which is very very VERY hard for me, but I'm convinced that he's not writing me off and I like him more and more every time he does email me.

AND...what got me to write to him again anyway.. he's VERY high on my "this is the guy you should date and marry" scientifically matched potential mates! hahaha DUH.. that's what I've been trying to tell him! hahahaahahahha

Friday, June 11, 2010

too much? naaaahhhh!!!

So.. yesterday I'm packing up to try to get out of town for a few days and I get a text message asking what I'm doing. No name... just number. I reply that I'm not doing a whole lot of anything cuz I'm really not sure who I'm talking to. He comes back, "Why not".... "just got home from work, the real excitement starts once I get on the road for my 8 hour road trip out of town for the weekend" "that sucks, I'm having a party at the river Sunday"

Okay...I KNOW he's local because his phone number is local, but, honestly, there's more than one local guy that has my number that I don't have saved in my phone. What do I do? What do I do? Fun, flirty girl takes over and I just run with it.... we chatted back and forth for a while, I still would've never figured out who it was if I hadn't texted my buddy to ask if maybe it was the "ain't happenin' " ex of hers... yes... it was... so he finally graduated to saved in my phone by name! hahaahahahhahaha

Still ain't happenin... and I tried telling him that.. but he says it doesn't count if its been more than 5 months since he's seen my friend naked! LMAO It made the long ass drive much more fun;-)hahahahaha

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bad News....

Tattoo Guy has no job "through no fault of his own".....and it was just a Dominoes delivery job anyway.

I did chat with a new guy last night... Monkeyboy.. i think was his screen name....he's 44, considerably older, been divorced twice... dunno about that one. He's one of those 'good ol' boys' that I'm just not all that sure about, but he's more than willing to drive to me! hahaha

and he thinks I'm beautiful and funny and blah blah blah.... at least he has good taste;-)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Now here's something funny...

My friend was talking to a friend of hers and he asked for my number. I promise... it is DEFINATELY not going anywhere... not really interested in sharing my toys LOL... but he texted me last night and I can totally see why he's such a successful shark!

This guy has ZERO interest in parenting... I know this cuz I was there when my friend was hanging out with this guy... but I was at Sunshine's first swim meet last night when he was texting me and he was totally interested. Or, more likely, really good at seeming interested! He texted to see what I was doing and when I told him, he kept coming back with "well how'd she do" and things like that. Sunshine had a rough time and totally freaked out over the competition aspect of her new favorite sport. This new guy was almost as interested and supportive as her dad! hahaha

Never once did he mention sex... never even really asked about me... just jumped right in to what I was busy with at the moment and ran with it. Figures he's a freaking big time player and has seen one of my very best friends naked! LMAO

Sunday, June 6, 2010

what an interesting weekend!

So... I almost met up with one of the players this weekend. He lives in another small town that's rather far away though, and things weren't working out too well for me to get there (karma...saving my ass once again) I gave up, he didn't. He actually sent me a pic of his boy parts as if THAT would get me there faster! OMG, umm.. no! Obviously I'm going to have to adjust my bullshit meter! I can talk the talk with the best of them, but I'm rather reserved in "real" life. Looking back, I really should've seen that this wasn't a good "first date" but I was bored and alone, so I thought he'd be fun to hang out with. Now I have to figure out how to extricate myself gently... something I've NEVER been good at!

Hair Guy has been emailing regularly... just sweet little "I hope you're having a good day" notes... no pressure or anything... I kind of like that, but I'm still unsure how far I want that one to go.

I think the NavyGuy is married... he's online during the week, not a word over the weekend... I never really thought that would go anywhere anyway.

So.. I think I'm going to have to update my profile on the website... I dunno. I seem to be catching lots of sunfish... fun to catch, but totally not worth keeping!

Friday, June 4, 2010

look out... here i come!

MAN... I don't know what these poor single guys did with themselves while I was internet-less for 2 weeks, but I am one POPULAR girl! hahaha Its great for the ego, but a little daunting for a first timer! On one hand, the fun flirty single girl is totally loving the attention, but then the steady sensible "mom" side says... hold up... where do you think THAT will get you? hahahahaha

I've never in my life been so aggravated at myself for letting my children stay home from their dad's but who knows what kind of trouble I'd be landing myself in if they weren't here to keep me sane??

So lets introduce the players shall we?

Ex Navy Guy is TOTALLY aggressive and all about the hook up. I'd expect to be more frightened than I am, but something about that forcefullness is kind of exciting. Based on picture alone, I'd never have given a second glance, but there's something to be said for a guy that's totally in to YOU (based solely on a picture) and this guy way is! hahaha He's a "darker skinned man" (his words) not black... middle eastern descent, I'd guess.... not something I was looking for, but not something I've ever given much thought to one way or another.

Hair Guy (I remember him cuz when he emailed me he said he likes my hair... not my smile, which I get all the time, but my hair! haha) is totally sweet and we have a TON in common... like scary how much... but I'm not so physically attracted to him and I don't know if I could be. I'm leaving things open though because he's great to talk to. My biggest problem with him though is I see him totally latching on and I wasn't planning on ONE guy with this whole dating adventure. He has emailed me first thing in the morning and last thing at night and immediately after work for the last couple of days and he has IM'd more than once a day and he goes on and on about how he couldn't wait to talk to me. Flattering... definately... but also just a little too smothery for me. Plus, he's younger than me, never been married, has no kids.... I don't want him hitching his wagon to me when I CANT have more kids... that sounds crazy, I'm sure, but that's where my mind is going with that one.

Tattoo Guy... OMG... I'm gonna cry over that one if he doesn't want to get to know each other better! He's been emailing me, but I've known that to just STOP all of a sudden, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up. His profile pic was pretty covered up, so I don't know just how extensive the tattoos are, but he's an artist, an awesome artist, and his taste in music is just as crazy as mine.... his taste in music.. his taste in movies... all I could say when I finished reading his profile was WOW!

Nice Guy is Mexican and doesn't live too far away. I'm not so sure about him... he's okay, but I dont think we have much in common really and he initiates a chat, but I have to drag conversation out of him He IS nice, but that's about it. I don't say he's Mexican like I have a problem with it.... I'm sure there are nice mexican men... but my good friend had a BAD BAD one, so I'm a little leery. Again... its not something I ever really saw myself with.

Shrek... yes.. his screen name is Shrek. He won't email, wants to text. I'm all for texting, anyone who knows me knows this... but I've put him off a couple of times because he just wants me to text him. He's been persistant though, which I like (sucker that I am! hahaha) so I think I'll try and see what's up with that one. He's a counselor of some sort, which definately interests me... we'll see on that one.

TallGuy... I don't know about him! He's a young'un...25 I think! but he's also been very persistant and he's local, so I'm keeping that door open too. He doesn't want to email either... he wants my yahoo chat address... I'm not going straight there... especially not with a local guy who could be a stalker! hahahaha

And what kind of small town single girl would I be if I didn't tell you about the locals?!? HAHAHAHA
1) I almost agreed to a date, just cuz he was local and I'm slightly desperate (shhhhhhh) Fortunately, something clued me in cuz I found out he dated a few girls I work with and lets just say.. ummmmm... NO.. definately not!

2)I got married young... I didn't date a whole lot before I hooked up with my husband... but there was ONE SERIOUS DRAMA in high school and guess who's on the same single's website??? Talk about embarrassing! He's gonna know I peeked at his profile cuz you can't keep those things secret, but its not like he emailed me or I emailed him or anything. But this guy WRECKED HIS CAR cuz he was so pissed at me for breaking a date (which I did VERY badly... totally my fault)

3) Some Karaoke guy has been emailing me....local... I don't think that's gonna pan out... but the pond is MUCH too small in this small town! I definately need to find some bigger fish! hahaha

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


WHEW! a couple of weeks without internet is murderous!!! I TOTALLY need my online time!

so what's new with me?

hmmmm... skaterboy snuck out of the house with his 16 year old buddy to meet up with some girls at a cemetary. He's grounded for the rest of his life! haaha.... he's 12 if you didn't know that! 12... yes... not even a teenager yet!

Sunshine hosted a "prom" for her second grade friends. It was an... ummm... adventure! She also joined the swim team which has practice EVERY evening at 5pm (right at dinner time!) so that's taking up a LOT of my time!

and me.... well.... I'm STILL single! hahaha I had a nice little email thing going on with hottie, then he just ditched. I have no idea what happeened, but I'm not about to turn into a crazy psycho girl and keep emailing him with no response. Yes, he's hot, but no, not worth THAT.

I just got out of my very first singles website IM chat! Yes... I'm moving up! hahaha Next thing you know, I'll be texting strangers! The guy was okay... nothing spectacular, but nice and complementary... that's always a plus when someone tells you you're beautiful! hahahaha

Other than that, life's been pretty boring around here. We spent the holiday weekend cleaning! hahaha