Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Now here's something funny...

My friend was talking to a friend of hers and he asked for my number. I promise... it is DEFINATELY not going anywhere... not really interested in sharing my toys LOL... but he texted me last night and I can totally see why he's such a successful shark!

This guy has ZERO interest in parenting... I know this cuz I was there when my friend was hanging out with this guy... but I was at Sunshine's first swim meet last night when he was texting me and he was totally interested. Or, more likely, really good at seeming interested! He texted to see what I was doing and when I told him, he kept coming back with "well how'd she do" and things like that. Sunshine had a rough time and totally freaked out over the competition aspect of her new favorite sport. This new guy was almost as interested and supportive as her dad! hahaha

Never once did he mention sex... never even really asked about me... just jumped right in to what I was busy with at the moment and ran with it. Figures he's a freaking big time player and has seen one of my very best friends naked! LMAO

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