Thursday, June 24, 2010

bring it on!

Seriously... I thought the stalker post would be the worst of the drama. Ummm... no! Let me tell you what happened AFTER I got off the computer last night....

10pm... I'm trying to get to bed.. I get up at 5am. Son's friend gets dropped off at the house to spend the night (house is always full of teenage boys). I get a text message from the guy that sent me naked pictures... "phone sex for 2" ummmm... no... bedtime. "but we're still on for live sex, right?" hmmmm.... last I heard it was dinner... whatever...

11pm-ish... my daughter runs in and wakes me up terrified because someone is knocking on the window in the basement. My first thought is stalker, but I quickly realize its friends of my son. I try to yell for my child, find out he's outside now... go to the door, get my kid and one of the spend the nighter's in... the one that just showed up at 10 has taken off with the other boys.

In the midst of dealing with that issue (locked friend out... yeah yeah, I'd have let him back in with an apology, but he wasn't getting to run town and use me as an excuse... I also tattled), my stalker starts texting me as he's getting closer and closer to where I live. He wants me to meet him at walmart so he can "make sure I sleep well' ummm... okay.. you're still married buddy and it still ain't happening... but it takes a while to get that through to him.

FINALLY...I've cleared the drama and I can maybe get 4 hours of sleep, and my sweet little 8 year old girl turns to me and says, I kid you not, "Mom, am I old enough yet to learn how babies get in your tummy?"

Individually, I could've laughed off any of those situations.... yeah.. the stalker is a little creepy, and the boys definately needed dealt with... but still... I can handle it.... Throw them ALL AT ME AT ONCE... and well... I think its time for me to start drinking!

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