Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bad News....

Tattoo Guy has no job "through no fault of his own".....and it was just a Dominoes delivery job anyway.

I did chat with a new guy last night... Monkeyboy.. i think was his screen name....he's 44, considerably older, been divorced twice... dunno about that one. He's one of those 'good ol' boys' that I'm just not all that sure about, but he's more than willing to drive to me! hahaha

and he thinks I'm beautiful and funny and blah blah blah.... at least he has good taste;-)


  1. Stay far far away from the "good ole boy" they are all jackasses in the long run!

  2. hahahaha.... wonder where THAT opinion comes from, huh? but... yeah.... i'm not too sure about good ol' boy anyway.