Wednesday, June 2, 2010


WHEW! a couple of weeks without internet is murderous!!! I TOTALLY need my online time!

so what's new with me?

hmmmm... skaterboy snuck out of the house with his 16 year old buddy to meet up with some girls at a cemetary. He's grounded for the rest of his life! haaha.... he's 12 if you didn't know that! 12... yes... not even a teenager yet!

Sunshine hosted a "prom" for her second grade friends. It was an... ummm... adventure! She also joined the swim team which has practice EVERY evening at 5pm (right at dinner time!) so that's taking up a LOT of my time!

and me.... well.... I'm STILL single! hahaha I had a nice little email thing going on with hottie, then he just ditched. I have no idea what happeened, but I'm not about to turn into a crazy psycho girl and keep emailing him with no response. Yes, he's hot, but no, not worth THAT.

I just got out of my very first singles website IM chat! Yes... I'm moving up! hahaha Next thing you know, I'll be texting strangers! The guy was okay... nothing spectacular, but nice and complementary... that's always a plus when someone tells you you're beautiful! hahahaha

Other than that, life's been pretty boring around here. We spent the holiday weekend cleaning! hahaha

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