Sunday, June 6, 2010

what an interesting weekend!

So... I almost met up with one of the players this weekend. He lives in another small town that's rather far away though, and things weren't working out too well for me to get there (karma...saving my ass once again) I gave up, he didn't. He actually sent me a pic of his boy parts as if THAT would get me there faster! OMG, umm.. no! Obviously I'm going to have to adjust my bullshit meter! I can talk the talk with the best of them, but I'm rather reserved in "real" life. Looking back, I really should've seen that this wasn't a good "first date" but I was bored and alone, so I thought he'd be fun to hang out with. Now I have to figure out how to extricate myself gently... something I've NEVER been good at!

Hair Guy has been emailing regularly... just sweet little "I hope you're having a good day" notes... no pressure or anything... I kind of like that, but I'm still unsure how far I want that one to go.

I think the NavyGuy is married... he's online during the week, not a word over the weekend... I never really thought that would go anywhere anyway.

So.. I think I'm going to have to update my profile on the website... I dunno. I seem to be catching lots of sunfish... fun to catch, but totally not worth keeping!


  1. Did the manly bits scare you? ROFLMAO ...

    Too big?
    Too small?
    Did it curve to the right?
    Was it uncut?


  2. hahahaha... there's wasn't enough there to tell if it curved...I was too worried about getting it deleted b4 skaterboy picked up my phone to take notes;-) hahahahhaha