Sunday, June 20, 2010


I live this very rose colored life, generally, so when someone steps in and smashes my glasses, I tend to take it very hard!

I got an email this weekend from someone who was not at all nice. He listed off all the reasons I have NOTHING to offer a potential date. At first I was angry... am still angry... but more than anything, he might as well have taken a hammer to my self confidence!

I think it was the timing. I had thought for sure I'd have a date this weekend, but its Sunday night and besides the offer of "cuddling" on the couch with a movie with one of the 25 year olds that are trying to get me to sleep with them, there's been nothing concrete. I even got stood up! It was something I never should've agreed to in the first place, but did in a moment of desperation, but then he didn't ever text me back with the details!

I don't like feeling desperate... not at all... Makes me want to chuck the whole darn computer out the window!

I know I'll find someone eventually, and none of these things were a perfect match anyway, but I don't know when I'll have another free weekend even if I DO get an offer of SOMETHING and I'm not at all happy to find that I'm going to waste my summer just chatting with all my free time :-(

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