Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Uh oh... I think I might be turning into a cyberslut! hahahaha

Last night, I was not even online all that long, but I:

Texted back and forth to one guy...naked pictures guy... if he'd stick with the sweetness and lose all the frat boy sex talk, he might stand a chance.

Chatted with 4 different guys:
--older country guy... super nice, not sure we're looking for the same things, but I've been very honest and he keeps wanting to talk to me so, whatever!

--TrueGrit... not sure how to describe him except by his screen name. He's okay... we chat from time to time, I don't see any real action coming out of that one, but he's okay to talk to.

--DrMIT... he's new... last night was the first time I chatted with him. He has lofty academic goals, PhD type stuff... Dean of college type goals. I like him okay, I think, but he's black and I'm not. I still haven't really given too much thought to how I feel about that.

--CutieBartender :-) Definately my new favorite... but... guess how old he is? LOL I totally give up on grown up! This guy's 24! He's actually the bar manager, he says, but we have the same taste in movies and music and the same sense of humor, I think. Hard to tell from the little I talked to him, but he has potential... unfortunately, he doesn't live close by.

Emailed back and forth with 4 more....
--6ftKorean... he's LOCAL, actually went to school with my ex, but says he doesn't know him. He likes to cook, which I hate, so that sounds awesome! hahaha He's my age, divorced, 3 kids... Drawbacks are he's in college and living with his parents since the divorce, but I can totally respect rebuilding after a fall. Still waiting to see where that one goes. So far, he's super sweet and I like him.

--Tennessee... I dunno what made me even reply to this guy! hahaha He's another black guy, and he's out of state, and he types like a thug, but for some reason I couldn't just ignore him. We'll see if he ever makes it into another blog! hahaha

--SweetieCollege Guy... another 24 year old! Told ya... I give up! hahaha This one's a little nerdy, and kind of shy, but I like something about him... still trying to figure out what it is.

--KindaWierdDefinatelyJustFriends Guy... This guy put in his profile that he's looking for someone that doesn't mind small penis size or inexperience! hahahahaha... NO.. I did NOT contact him first! LMAO He emailed me and I emailed him back. I kinda feel a bit motherly toward him.. he seems so lost... I'm a sucker for strays! hahahaha

AND... I pissed off someone because I told him I might be seeing someone and didn't want to get started with talking to someone new.

At the time, it wasn't a complete lie. I have someone that I was considering starting a serious thing with, but I've changed my mind (like within hours! hahaaha)! I think he's a bit too much of a control freak for me. This was not an online thing, but that's all the details I'm going to give, too many local people follow my blog for me to give too much away! hahahahahaha I'm thinking he wants me to beg and, umm... hello?? do I seem that desperate?? hahaaha

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