Monday, July 26, 2010

it keeps getting better...

Now I have ItalianGuy who... o-m-g.. he's hot! And he LOVES me! LOL He's sure that his future is waiting for him online somewhere and he's willing to take a chance that it might be me! Way more intense than I'm looking for, but who am I to fight Karma? He's in MN this weekend on business, but I'm hoping our one very interesting chat isn't our last! He's literally FROM Italy! Italian mother, British father.... now lives in IL.

and then I just chatted with JustFriends. I like him too! We laughed over the internet crazies I've been dealing with and he assures me he's not going to send naked pictures or masturbate while we chat! LOL He wants to get together for coffee and see how things work from there. He said he's not gonna lie.. he wants sex... but he'd prefer for it to be with someone he cares about, although he's nowhere near ready to commit and settle down. Sounds exactly like how I feel about the whole thing. And he's not very far away....always a plus!

Did I mention CarGuy? I like him too. Just email so far, but he restores cars for a living, which I think is awesome. And he's a pretty down to earth dad type guy. Hopefully we can get past the "kid" talk and on to something that leads somewhere :-)

I really need to start figuring out some sort of criteria or something! hahaha I'd like to say "if you send me pictures of your parts, you're out" but... there's a couple pictures of parts I've gotten that I want to meet! Does that make me bad??

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