Sunday, July 25, 2010

uh oh! I'm in trouble now!

Thursday my kids go to their dad's for the weekend.

I have BakerBoy that wants to come down to "visit" on Thursday night. He's in his 20's... he'd just be a toy, but is totally fine with that! hahaha

I have a date with CutieBartender on Friday night. Just movies on the couch, but serious potential there for "fun". He's ALSO in his 20's and I really like him. We have a lot in common, actually, and I'd like to be able to consider him more than a toy.

AND.. I have a date SATURDAY night with HistoryGuy, who has serious potential to turn into somethin real... but he doesn't live very close. We chatted for a good long time last night and I'm pretty sure he's a good guy. Smart, funny, age appropriate :-) hahaha

ALL THREE have the potential for sex. Thursday would actually be a guarantee, and Friday is just a "say the word" thing.... Saturday I won't go there just yet.

OMG... I'm totally fine with being a cyberslut, but I had no intention of turning into an ACTUAL slut!

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