Monday, April 19, 2010

Sorry Loyal Fans!

I had one of my downhill type weekends! It started Saturday when ManChild confirmed that his new girlfriend was going to be in town for the weekend (she lives a couple of hours away) For some reason, that seemed to highlight the fact that he really is gone and I really am alone. I don't want him back, but I don't particularly want him HAPPY either! hahahaha

SO... Friday night, I text him that he has GOT TO STOP CALLING ME. He texts me at least once a day. Thursday night he called to chat about a mutual acquaintance's upcoming retirement... He texted me that a friend of my mom's was selling a Jeep for too much money... Just little crazy crap that he has no business talking to me about. His first response is "YOU text ME too!" Ummm... yes.. unfortunately, I am guilty, but almost ALWAYS its AFTER he's been texting me and being overly friendly and stuff and I forget that I can't be friends with him. So I said, "Do not try to make this MY fault... I am not the one that wanted to give up my best friend." He says, "I'm not trying to make it anyone's fault" Ummm... Hello... its YOUR fault! But, whatever, by the end of the converstation, he had managed to make me feel like I was the scum of the Earth and totally sucked all the life out of him. It was depressing.

Saturday, I had to replace SkaterBoy's stolen cell phone. I'm on ebay trying to find a phone. SkaterBoy is using ManChild's cool messaging phone because obviously Dad doesn't need it.. his girlfriend is THERE with him, right? So, of course, despite the fact that this is his third phone in less than a year, SkaterBoy wants a phone like Dad's. I find one on Ebay for $60, call boy to tell him to ask dad how much he'll pay because ManChild has already made a big deal to me about how broke he is. Dad tells boy... "Mom says you have $20 in allowance, I'll give you 20 and she can give you 20"

Ummm... okay... where does the allowance come from? The Money Fairy??? I said, "no.. you have $10 in allowance now since I gave you 10 of it last night for roller skating, and by that math, I pay $40 and dad pays 20! Call him back and get a dollar amount that he's going to pay and I'll find a phone I can afford to pay the rest toward."

SO.. in the midst of buying SkaterBoy a phone he did not deserve, I screw up the PayPal thing and end up taking the money out of ManChild's checking account. I call to warn him, cuz I'm sure he's on the verge of being in overdraft despite the fact that he got paid the day before. He won't answer his phone! Understandable, I guess, since new girlfriend is there, but whatever!

.... later that evening... I come home from shopping with some friends around 8pm. SkaterBoy is nowhere to be found and not answering his cell phone! I know he has no money because he spent the 10 I gave him the night before at the skating rink. I call friends... no answer... I am FREAKING OUT. Finally, I decide to drive to the skating rink to see if I can find a friend that has seen him since I talked to him last. SkaterBoy is THERE! How did he get there? Dad brought him AND gave him money to get in. Ummm... and nobody thought to let ME KNOW WHERE MY CHILD IS???? I called ManChild...still not answering calls from me... left a scathing message about how its MY weekend and don't you DARE just take boy wherever he wants to go without talking to me about it first!

... Sunday was just more suckiness.. won't bore you with the details...

... but then... This afternoon... BabyGirl wants to go dinner with Dad. No... I don't want her to, its my night, but I don't want to punish her cuz I hate him, so I said it was okay. He actually speaks to me.. live voice... to make sure it's okay. Yeah.. fine.. whatever. I leave BabyGirl at the house and go to the chiropractor. Get home a little bit later, MANCHILD IS IN MY HOUSE!!! Getting his mail or something.. probably checking his email on my freaking computer. Whodathunk that telling him I don't want to speak to him anymore didn't cover the fact that he isn't welcome in my home anymore either!

I have no idea how I'm supposed to survive this INSANITY!!!!

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