Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I hate to drive. I am not bad at driving (shut up Aunt Crazy!) but I am a MUCH better navigator. I can get you wherever you want to go, by either the quickest, or the most scenic, or the long way around. I am my own Google Map! I can tell you points of interest along the way, give you ideas where to stop, pick the best tourist traps. I love to be in the passenger seat, just taking everything in.

ManChild is a driver by profession, and he always drove throughout our 20 years together. We took some awesome road trips in that time. Texas... Florida... Smokey Mountains... it was nothing for us to just load up the car, clean out the bank account and start driving. Life was good.

But I CAN drive... and sometimes, by default, I just have to. I don't like it, the trip just isn't nearly as fun when I can't enjoy the scenery, but I'll do it to keep things moving. I've been driving in our relationship for the last few years, and I have a feeling that's where the problems started...neither of us was in the right seat.

I think my date this weekend was a passenger. I think he'll go wherever I want, as long as I do the driving. This is great for some women. I know LOTS of women who LOVE to be behind the wheel, but I'm tired of having to do all the driving and ready to just navigate for a while... enjoy the scenery...

I call Shotgun!

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  1. You are an AWFUL driver...LOL but it's TRUE, so true. While I may drive FAST, I drive GOOD. I hate to drive too though. I drive to far to and from work, that any other time, I do not want to drive, but ONLY if Uncle Bubba is driving me. I absolutely hate riding with others, even more so that I had to drive, so I drive. I'm a control freak Virgo called Aunt Crazy...what did you expect? Rational??? I think not!