Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Night

Walmart does not sell matching bra and panty sets for real women! And I have my first grown up date in about 24 hours! What's a girl to do? A matching set is required, right? That's what I've been told. I also need to make sure I have clean sheets.... shave... EVERYWHERE... and I guess its NOT acceptable to wear my comfy clothes... even though we're just watching movies on my couch (which I found out was also totally unacceptable for a first date.... oops!)


Not that I had a choice... I was perfectly content being wife/mother for over half my life. Not that everything was perfect, but we had an okay life I thought. I'm meant to be a mother... to everyone... not just my own two children, but to everyone I meet, apparently this includes my husband! Leave it to him to be my first "rebellious teenager"! He basically screamed "I hate you! You never let me do anything! I'm a grown up... I'm moving out!" just as you would expect from a selfish, good for nothing, too big for his britches 18 year old.

That was January. He moved into the neighbors GARAGE across the street! He finally got all his crap out of my house on Valentines Day... moved it all into storage of course, cuz there's no room in the GARAGE for everything he HAS to have.

Did I mention we have 2 children... 8 and 12? The 12 year old is grown up enough to realize that this isn't the way things are done! He's starting to come around, but he'll never have the same "Dad" he used to have. The 8 year old has a heart of gold and just doesn't want her Daddy to be alone.. she doesn't understand that he did it to himself... but I have a feeling she'll get there too.

OH... and there was no room in the garage for HIS dad, so he left him here with me.... in my basement. Yes.... I should get a big neon sign that says "All Strays Welcome" in my front yard! haahaa

Surprisingly, the children didn't like visiting the garage, so we had no regular visitation schedule until I forced the issue. He's had an apartment for... hmmm..... 3 weeks now? And the boy STILL won't go there unless I make him... but at least I have some free weekends now... kind of... last Dad weekend, my home was filled with varying ages of teenage boys for most of Saturday, then Saturday night, Boy had enough of his dad who "isn't even man enough to talk to me face to face" and came home to sleep.

BUT.... now I have a date! Its time.... ManChild didn't wait at all.... he's already in a relationship... and I KNOW he's not coming back. I'm sure the whole story will come out eventually, but this is not the first time he's left... therefore he is NOT coming back again.

My friends have varying opinions on what I need now that I'm single for the first time in my life (ManChild taught me to drive.... I'm not going to tell you EXACTLY how old I am... but that was a lifetime ago) The recurring idea, though, is that its time for me to have some fun! I'm all for fun! I LOVE fun!

but.... did you notice the "small town" part?

There's just not a whole lot of fun to be had around here! We have a movie theatre... for once you HAVE a date.... and a few hick bars... one that even has a DJ on Friday nights.... if I want to fight the 18/20 year olds to get to the dance floor! Not to mention, who am I going to go with? Married people have married friends and even my token single girlfriend just found her soulmate!

So... I put the word out... I'm ready to date. Unfortunately, most of the men that are single at my age are single for a reason! No... I'm not THAT old... but this is a small town... we tend to settle down and have a few babies before we're old enough to legally drink the beer at our reception! But... I'm not picky. I'm not looking for a HUSBAND or anything.... a hot little man-whore would do just fine... I think.....right? Just a little fun, right?

Finally, single girlfriend comes through with a newly single guy friend I can talk to. Unfortunately, this guy's not man-whore, love em and leave em fluff.... or I'm just not built to relate that way, who knows! I never got to be that person in high school either.... So... after chatting through text for about a week, we have a date tomorrow night.... at my house.... on my couch... dvd's and popcorn... and clean sheets... and maybe.. just maybe... matching bra and panties!


  1. LOVE IT but it's going to cost you for me not to tell your real age bwahahaha

    Don't stress over the matching set, the goal here is for them to hit the floor so fast he'll never even remember you had them on much less if they matched.

    Enjoy the date tonight and text me all the deets as soon as you can...LOL

  2. yeah yeah... but I know your middle name! hahahahahahahahahaha

  3. wellllllllllllllll when you put it THAT way I have no idea how old you are but if I had to guess by looking at that hot momma down on the bottom of your page, I'd say you can't be a day over 21.

  4. unbelievable how I found that picture that looks JUST LIKE ME, huh??