Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday, finale

Well... I survived my first date...and he's definately NOT man-whore material! No sense in changing the sheets... no need to worry about bras and panties.... hell... I didn't even have to shave my legs!

I was worried that dating as an adult would be all strange... I didn't know what to expect... Guess what... its pretty much the same crap it was in high school! hahahaha

One minor mishap.... Boy, who does NOT approve of mother dating, came HOME in the middle of the movie! Which... means ManChild WILL hear I had a date!(bonus) hahaha but... that was just slightly ackward. Boy was nice... additional teenage boys with him were also nice... teased me on looking "hot" while we walked in... but... not exactly what I wanted in the middle of my first "grown up" date!

Nice guy.. probably worth seeing again... but tame... very very tame.

I'm a little sad to not have more to share!


  1. Probably a good thing for date #1...which sounds WAY better than my first "grown up" date. Hahahahaha (NO there will be NO details shared on my end...suffice it to say it was horrible)

    Oh...extra bonus...ManChild WILL realize that he helped you clean house for your date!!! heehee

    I am an evil bitch too. ;op

  2. I'm loving that ManChild will know about the date!!! The boy will get over it!