Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dating Advice from BabyGirl

My GirlBaby came home from Daddy's this weekend and she didn't know I had been on a date. She asked me if I ever got to meet my "friend" yet and I said yeah.. I had a date over the weekend. She asked how it went, I said it was okay, so she proceeded to share all the wisdom she has learned from her four relationships in her long 8 year lifespan.

1)If I'm going on a date, I need to ask the boy what he likes. I need to find a guy that likes the same things I like. Her suggestion is that since I want to be going back to college soon, I should be looking for a college boy. (hmmm.... I think where this is heading! hahaha)

2)Once I have been on a date, if he asks who I like better, I need to tell him that he's my guy. He's the type for me (if he passed rule 1 and we like the same things)

3)Look him in the eyes (she said it just like that and said, "that's all I have to say about that")

4)If this isn't the first date (and she qualified this advice with that opening), sometimes you just have to go for it. Don't be the kind of girl that just giggles and waits around. (yes.. I am already afraid for her teenage years!)

5)If I need to move on to another boyfriend and he asks who I like better I should just tell him "Well--I have liked you for a while now, I think I like you, so just meet me at..... (fill in the blank)" and I should feel free to have a challenge (she suggested a race or arm wrestling) to see which one should be my guy.

6) If I'm not sure he's the one, I can have a test. For example, Zack likes her, but she's not sure he's the guy for her because she really likes Noah... so Zack has to pass a test this week. Every day he has to prove that he likes what she likes. She likes Broccoli, Zack doesn't, but if he wants to be her guy, he needs to try broccoli this week to prove his love!

BabyGirl says this is how she has been so successful with her four boyfriends since preschool. Sad thing is, I think we're almost even in number! hahaha She said she is not the type of girl to just wait around and be all girly and wait for the boy to come to her. If she likes him, she just calls him over and tells him she likes him and sees if he wants to be her boyfriend. Shockingly simple. Who'd have thought that the BEST advice I would get for this whole dating thing would come from my 8 year old daughter!

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