Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday part 1

Well.... the bra and panties match... if you consider that they're both white! hahaha I gave up the search in favor of having a clean house to hang out in. Like Aunt Crazy says... if they hit the floor fast enough, he won't notice what color they are! hahaha

I have about an hour and a half to go til he gets off work. I hope all this shaving is worth it! hahaha That is DEFINATELY the number one benefit of being married! As far as clothes go, I went casual with a little bit of sexy.... denim shorts, low v-neck top.... had to show off the smooooooooooth legs yaknow! hahaha

THEN... something not a single one of my many advice givers mentioned... I had to wonder about scent! Unfortunately, I have the worst allergies on the planet so my husband never really expected me to smell nice! I decided eau de new puppy wasn't going to cut it for a date! Fortunately, I dug out some Bath and Body works lotion and a little light spray... gonna have to do.

So... how many of you have ever had your EX help you clean your house for your date? Yes... My life is INSANE! hahaha ManChild came over today to use the computer to take care of some business he should've had done a LONG time ago, but is now and emergency. I was cleaning my bedroom and came out to see him dusting the computer desk in the living room! hahaha No... he has NO IDEA why I was cleaning my bedroom!

Okay... I'm off to figure out the best lighting scheme for the big night... I'll be back with the deets when I can :-)

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  1. Good choice with the outfit and the scent. ManChild needs his own dang computer!