Monday, May 3, 2010

So, maybe I'm not cut out for this online dating stuff!

My free weekend at chemistry kinda sucked, but I do have one guy who is emailing me on Yahoo. He looks like a serial killer! Seriously! I mean, really... if you are going to post a picture on an online dating service, at least SMILE!

But... so... anyway.... I keep answering him cuz 1) I'm afraid he's a serial killer and might come hunt me down! and 2) I know he can see if I ignore him or delete him from my profile and I don't want to hurt his feelings! hahahaa

Online dating is supposed to be anonymous and fun, and I STILL can't escape the feel sorry/overly responsible parts of myself!

BUT... a friend of mine from work just found out I was single and she has a GREAT idea for me.... Tugboat linemen! :-) Sounds PERFECT! They make TONS of money and are only home a week or so a month! Now if she can just find me one that's not a drug addict or alcoholic.....

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