Tuesday, May 4, 2010

hmmm... I'm a popular girl today! hahaha

Apparently, Spark.com is jumpin! I've gotten 5 "flirts" within about 5 minutes! I'm pretty sure they're all fake...not a single one of them is in Missouri, one is from Japan... but on a day like today, I'll take what I can get! hahahaha If you haven't been doing the online dating thing, you may not know what a "firt" is... its a free, pre-written message. You can send and receive flirts without signing up for the service. My guess is when you get a whole bunch of them you get all excited and join the site to have REAL emails... Lord knows if I wasn't so darn broke, I'd have jumped right on that bandwagon! LOL

I also got a message from an actual reasonably local guy on Yahoo. This one is causing me some indecision. I absolutely can't afford to join, so its totally out of the question, but its the ONE message I've gotten in my week long experiment that I really do WISH was true! :-(

Poor sad SingleGirl! What to do? What to do? Pay the electric.... or flirt??


  1. I would normally say flirt, but since you need electricity to flirt, you are up against a wall here. What else can you cut out? ;)

  2. hahahaha.... food? LOL worked it out... a very good friend of mine steered me toward some FREE websites! LOL