Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Wild Crazy Single Girl Weekend!

Friday night, I ruined SkaterBoy's life by not allowing him to ride up to St Louis with his newly 16 and driving friend and 2 other boys to go to an all night skate competition. Did I mention we had tornado warnings? Yeah... Bad mom! Turns out okay though... the other boys weren't able to get in anyway! SO... Sunshine and I went grocery shopping to the sound of tornado sirens then we came home and went to bed early.

Saturday... hmmmmm.... not much of anything! Sat night, Sunshine had a friend over, more storms, more children in my bed. SkaterBoy spent the night with his buddy.

Sunday, I'm home all alone... well... with a million children... trying to get in bed by 10! hahaha

It was free weekend on I thought I'd met a few matches, but never heard back from them and the free preview is over tonight..... On to a free preview at! hahahahhhahahaa

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